Financial due diligence

In order to assist the investor lower or control the risks in investment, merger or acquisition projects, we investigate the target company according to agreed procedures and deliver the detail and complete professional findings report.  We also offer practical solutions to issues identified during the due diligence that may impact the investments in the future and should be considered during the investment negotiations.

Main field

Evaluate profitability, financial position, asset quality and liabilities of the target
Evaluate significant accounting policies adopted on revenue recognition, capitalization and investment
Evaluate the assets of the target, especially fixed assets, construction in progress and land ownership, make sure whether the target company has integrated ownership, free right of disposal and claim on future profit of their assets
Assess realization and recoverability of assets
Search for under-accruals, unrecorded liabilities and off-balance-sheet transactions
Evaluate tax situation and tax risks
Evaluate the potential risks of the target company on labor laws and regulations
Evaluate going concern risk