Outsource accounting services

To maintain its competitiveness, a business enterprise needs to be lean in order to minimize cost and focus on its core competencies. Outsourcing non-core functions to external service providers can help to achieve such goals while ensuring all local rules and regulations are being complied with.

In China, many international and local enterprises choose to outsource the daily accounting and treasury administration functions to minimize cost. It is possible to avoid the expense of having an internal accounting and treasury team. For a fixed monthly fee, Kuang Zheng CPAs provides management services with total control over a company’s financial affairs while ensuring quality supervision and compliance.

Our services include:

 Preparation of financial statements
 Preparation of budgets, management accounts and periodic financial analysis
 Design and implementation of accounting systems
 Preparation of accounting manuals
 Treasury administration services
 Bank payments and receipts reports
 Trade documentation services
 Maintaining invoice system
 Provision of temporary or part-time accounting assistance