Tax Services

Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

There are various taxes such as income tax and turnover tax involved in business operation. A deliberate tax plan in advance is the key for enterprises to obtain business success. It becomes increasingly important for enterprises to consult with professionals to align their tax strategies with their competitive advantage and strategic development goals by reasonably and legally minimizing burden of taxation.

Our services include:

Tax planning
Tax agent service
Tax audit
Tax due diligence
Tax consultancy service
Tax training

Chinese tax system

Tax structure

Taxes are levied by the state and local governments in China. There are 23 taxes in China under the current tax systems and 15 of them are applicable to enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprise and foreigners. The most important taxes are corporate income tax, value-added tax, business tax and individual income tax. The other taxes are consumption tax, customs duty, stamp duty, resource tax, land appreciation tax, vehicle acquisition tax, urban real estate tax and vehicle and vessel usage tax.

Tax administration

China currently maintains two separate tax collection and administration bodies, namely the State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau, responsible for the collection and administration of taxes.  State Tax Bureau is mainly responsible for corporate income tax, value-added tax, consumption tax, etc., while Local Tax Bureau is mainly responsible for business tax, individual tax, stamp duty, etc.  The State Administration of Taxation in Beijing oversees tax collection and administration matters nationwide.