Internal audit

An effective internal audit service can make a very positive contribution to the management of risk and the successful operation of the business. Internal audit is a fundamental component of corporate governance structures and processes and should be aligned with critical business procedures. To formulate an effective internal audit program a comprehensive and systematic appraisal of all key business risks is required.

When performing internal audit, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness, assist management to foster process improvement and facilitate change and monitor the:

Extent of compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations
Effectiveness of the design, implementation and operation of internal controls
The completeness, accuracy and reliability of financial information
The efficiency and effectiveness of business and service delivery processes and outcomes

Kuang Zheng CPAs can provide your organization with experienced internal audit professionals no matter in a co-sourcing or outsourcing arrangement. We can help you to complement the in-house internal audit function in a co-sourcing arrangement, and also we can assist by reviewing your organization’s operations and designing a multi-year internal audit plan detailing our proposed internal audit projects for your organization in an outsourcing arrangement.

Our services include:

         Overall risk assessment
         Reviewing and reporting on general control environment
         Reviewing and reporting on specific financial and operational procedures
         Reviewing the company’s own internal audit function
         Acting as the internal audit function – co-sourcing or outsourcing
         Advising on the design and implementation of effective policies and procedures
         Advising on fraud prevention and conducting fraud investigations