Tax agent service

We provide a comprehensive range of tax agent services to both enterprises and local branches. Our wide range of services includes:

Daily tax agent service
Tax liquidation settlement 
Special tax agent service

Daily tax agent service

We provide following range of daily tax agent services to representative offices, WFOE, JV as soon as individuals (especially for expatriates):

Calculate tax
Prepare tax return and supporting documents
File and submit tax return
Handle tax settlement annually both in state tax bureau and local tax bureau
Communicate with tax authorities

Tax liquidation settlement

We usually act as tax agent to deregister a company or a representative office, our services include:
Self-examination on tax problems for liquidation purpose
Communication with tax authorities regarding tax problems in liquidation
Preparation of tax returns of liquidation settlement
Preparation related liquidation documentations

Special tax agent service

Lodgment of tax exemption claims
Assistance on settlement of disputes with tax authorities
Assistance on negotiation for tax inspection, tax investigation and tax field audit cases
Assistance on setting up representative offices, WFOE, JV, etc, in the PRC