Training & development

Our training programme aims to ensure our people receive professional knowledge, skills and abilities essential for each professional position. The programme also helps our staff achieve personal goals in their career development. Our programme provides new comers a good opportunity to introduce them the valuable and important information of Kuang Zheng CPAs including but not limited to our mission, value, policies and code of conduct. Apart from on-the-job training, we provide regular structured training on various professional fields. Of course, we also encourage and support staff to sit for professional examinations, and allow reasonable time-off for study. Our firm is the Authorized Employer (AE) under ACA.

Training on professional knowledge and work skills

We will give you the choice of six career paths so you can choose the direction which best suit your skills and interests. They are

Business services
Taxation services
Management consulting
Risk management
Corporate finance

Training in soft skills

Except for training on professional knowledge, we also provide training especially in soft skills including

effective communicating
project management
client service